From the initial staking of your property to the sale of your discovery to a producer,
I have extensive experience to assist you every step of the way.

I practice business law

- My approach is business-like
- ​​I am experienced
- ​I know the key people
- I deliver

My focus is very simple

- Mining
- Corporate Finance
- Securities

My Services

- Agreements pertaining to the   mining exploration industry
- Public offerings
- Private placements
- Mergers and takeovers

My Clients

- Mining exploration companies
- Law firms
- Securities brokers

Areas of Practice

- Mining Law
- Securities Law
- Corporate Finance
- Title Reports
- Flow-Through Shares


My pricing is reasonable and reflects the individual circumstances of my clients

I Know What My Clients Want

Competence and good reliable services at a reasonable cost


(514) 886-8803
XploraMines S.A. ​​